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Stoemper is Making Noise

Grinding a different Path from point A to point B

Taylör Made For a Gravel Grinding Adventure, The entire gravel portion of the East Lake Samammish trail from Redmond to Issaquah, Washington is perfect for a steel Stoemper …


Lalonde Gallery

US Cross season wrapping up. The Lalondes stoemped the hell out of the elite category in the midwest! Showing geared riders how it’s done.


Luke’s new ride

Luke Demoe on Stoemper from Tom Lyons Media on Vimeo.



Todd’s been working a while on this project. Brazing with alu is another beast than brazing with steel. Our early internal cable stops …


Big Ben wins Tokyo Cyclocross!!!

Ben flew his white and purple Stoempers over to Tokyo for the inagural Tokyo Cyclcross. Huge prize money of $3000 was at stake, against …


Stoemper in Belgium

BB has been turning it up a notch and getting some results in his old stomping grounds. 7th in front of Trebon in Zonnebeke and …


This is what happens when you win in LA

Ben overcame some flu and an American hospital visit to take another win this season, ahead of Tim J and Chris Jones in Los Angeles. …