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Bikes of 2022

Vincent – Titanium Road Racer

Lighter, faster, better.  The Vincent ride like steel but goes faster.  Hand-built in our shop from seamless butted American 3/2.5 Titanium tubing.  Almost a pound/half kilo lighter than our steel frames, titanium has a fine balance of handling, comfort and aggressiveness, like all our bikes.

Taylör – Steel Road Race Killer

This is our steel race bike.  Our wrecking ball.  Anyone who’s ridden steel will tell you.  Steel feels unbelievable, resilient and somehow springy, stiff yet forgiving.  That’s why it’s been used in bicycles for forever.  And we use special steel, Columbus Life tubing, and we hand-bend the stays.  We dote after each Taylör like our own baby, knowing too well that it will be crashing the car and going to jail before too long.  Throw away your fluffy lugs and ride some handbuilt, tig-welded steel.  It doesn’t get any more metal than the Taylör.

Eddy – Steel CX Warrior

The Eddy is a versatile warrior, whether you are looking for a season of cross racing, a bad ass commuter, or getting out for some gravel adventures.  Like all of our steel frames, the Eddy is TIG welded to keep it light, stiff, and clean.  A tapered head tube and disc brakes with through axles are standard.  But, feel free to contact us for a wide range of options, from a traditional straight head tube, to cantilever brakes or single speed routing.