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All Stoemper frames are hand-crafted with love and care, one at a time.  We’ve been welding steel, titanium and aluminum frames for more than a decade.  We mostly assemble frames by tig-welding as this yields the lightest and strongest frames, but we also incorporate other building methods as appropriate.

To make a frame that is meant to be raced at the highest level, tube and material selection is crucial to the finished product.  For starters, we machine our own head tubes, bottom brackets and dropouts from aluminum billet.

From there, we use an eco-friendly bath to clean and prepare the tubes for production.  We miter the tubes by hand before assembling them in the jig.  Once the tubes are welded, the frame is aligned and put in the oven for heat treatment.  From there, it’s off to the paint booth for a beautiful Stoemper paint job.  Finally, we face and prep each frame before it is boxed up.

Working with steel is another beast.  It’s a much easier material to work with and as a result we can bend our own seat and chain stays custom for each frame.  We can gently manipulate these tubes for sexy lines and for tire clearance, both of which are important!  Our custom head tubes and BB shells are placed into the jig and we start to weld some of the cleanest and tightest lines you’ll see on a bicycle frame.  All steps are done in-house and the final product is a beautiful, stiff, light, stoemping machine.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about our manufacturing process!

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