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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ordering process work?

o Once we are set on the model and specs, we’ll send you a final order confirmation with all your order details.  We start the process of building your frame after a 50% deposit.  


Can I make changes later in the ordering process?

o Basically, yes.  But there are some cutoff dates throughout the process to stay on the timeline.  


How long does it take to order a frame or bike?

o Depending on the season, lead times are pretty steady at about 10-12 weeks.  But please note this can stretch with custom paint and/or custom geometry.


How do I figure out my geometry?

o No problem, we can help size you in.  We do a Q&A to dial you in and make sure you’re on the right size.  We always send a geometry drawing to you to confirm before we build anything!  

Do you offer custom geometry?

o We do, reach out if you’re looking for a full custom geometry or just some small changes.


Where’s your gravel bike?

o We have a “dirty geometry” option for all the road bikes.  Depending on how much clearance you need, we can help you get your groove on.  Standard tire clearance on our road geometry is for 28mm tires.


What are my options for paint and color?

o Take a look at the paint page here for a listing of all our standard colors.  Above and beyond this, we do a lot of custom paint jobs.  Custom paint usually runs from additional $150-500


Can I do a custom build?

o Take a look at our standard builds, they are pretty solid.  If you are looking for something beyond this, send us a message and we help sort you out.  Custom build kits are subject to availability.  


I have my own (fork/wheels/etc), can I send to paint to match?

o Yes absolutely!  We do this all the time.  Cost depends on the item and type of painting.


What is your warranty policy?

o We offer a 5 year warranty on any manufacturing defect.  This does not include natural wear and tear, environmental damage such as rust, crash damage, etc.  


What if I crash and ruin my bike?

o We offer a crash replacement discount, stay safe out there!