So long, Angus

There may or may not be a new bike model coming in the next few weeks.  Watch this space.  But either way, it’s time to clean up some of the old models.  And sad to say, the first that we say goodbye to is Angus. Angus!  Our aluminum track-racing bullet.  We LOVE the Angus.  We […]

Corona days

When I stopped racing cyclocross, I made a pledge to myself – never again on the trainer! No Zwift, no intervals, no nothing. If it was raining outside I was going to just not ride. But events in the last weeks put things into perspective (like, say, the fragility of the global economy, or our […]

Lisbon Vincent Launch

I know what you’re saying.  Didn’t you guys launch the Vincent last year in Japan?  Well as a matter of fact we did.  But then it took us a year to get the web page up (don’t ask) and we had so much fun before, we thought we should just do it again. We have […]