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All the paint magic at Stoemper happens here, where we paint each frame individually and to order.  No stickers or decals, everything is painted by hand.

How to choose what you want?  Standard paint for steel or aluminum frames is any two colors from our pretty big color wheel.  Choose one of our two standard designs, and you’re good to go.  This is a gorgeous, deep liquid paint that we take time to make sure there are no edges or blemishes, and then cure in the oven to give it some extra hardness.

Don’t see the color you need on there?  Or are you looking to match something specific?  We can do that too.

For titanium frames, we use a special ceramic paint that is very thin and baked on in the oven to be very durable.  It’s a satin finish and looks very good on the brushed ti.  We have a smaller palette but still have custom options.  We can also paint any of our steel colors on titanium if you are looking for something more flashy.

For standard paint options, we have two designs: Stoemper Stripes or Lightning Bolts.  Choose one design and your two favorite colors and it’s go time.

Looking for something custom?  We do a lot of completely custom paint. Give us a shout and we can give you a quote.  Custom paint can come from a specific design, or just a batch of photos of your ex.  Or some other inspiration.


Luxuriously deep liquid paint colors for steel and alu frames



Hard as nails, matte ceramic colors for titanium frames: