Stoemper bikes are designed and built to go really really fast. Whether you like racing, or drinking beer and watching other people race, Stoemper is now here to make you do both better. We aim to be nothing short of the fastest and sexiest made-in-USA brand.

Stoemper is a small frame building company based out of Springfield, Oregon. Part Todd Gardner and part David Alvarez, we’re all about building really fast race bikes. Todd has been building steel, aluminum, ti, and more for more than a decade. David makes sure the website looks pretty. Put the two together and out comes a little Stoemper.

A short history with an already extensive race pedigree. We’ve won elite cross races on multiple continents, we’ve ridden all the spring classics. Basically riding road bikes is fun and doing it on sexy, handbuilt bikes is even more fun. If you’re reasonably serious about your riding but not too serious about yourself, give us a shout. We’d love to build you a bike.

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